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  1. Any new member who register, you must click your registration email to be allowed on the site.. If no link is clicked, your registration will be removed and you may have to re-register...
  2. Website upgraded to its latest version...
  3. M1GC

    Software Rules

    You may share tips, tutorials, installation issues, bugs you find, etc in our software section, Sharing software is also allowed... Sharing pirated software is prohibited, and is subject to user bans & removal.
  4. Publishing with FFMPEG The easiest way to publish live video streams is by using ffmpeg (or avconv). It's already installed on most systems and easy to install on others. RTMP supports only a limited number of codecs. The most popular RTMP video codecs are H264, Sorenson-H263 (aka flv) and audio codecs AAC, MP3, Nellymoser, Speex. If your video is encoded with these codecs (the most common pair is H264/AAC) then you do not need any conversion. Otherwise you need to convert video to one of supported codecs. We'll stream test file /var/videos/test.mp4 to server wi
  5. Feel free to Create a New Topic in this topic thread if you do not see a Video Creation / Editing Software you use and wish it to be added to the forum. Please Note: You can use the example below on how to submit with your request... EXAMPLE: Video Creation / Editing Software: Movie Maker 10 Description: Movie Maker 10 is a convenient video editing software for Windows for people looking to go back to basics. It’s great for making quick edits to short video clips you need ready right away. Movie Maker 10 comes with a free version that includes it
  6. Feel free to Create a New Topic in this topic thread if you do not see a Live Streaming Software you use and wish it to be added to the forum. Please Note: You can use the example below on how to submit with your request... EXAMPLE: Live Streaming Software: VMIX Description: vMix is software that allows you to create professional quality productions on your own computer at a fraction of the cost. vMix gives you the power to add multiple cameras, videos, images, audio, web streams, Powerpoint, titles, virtual sets, chroma key, and much more to your production. You are t
  7. Feel free to Create a New Topic in this topic thread if you do not see a Live streaming Platform you use and wish it to be added to the forum. Please Note: You can use the example below on how to submit with your request... EXAMPLE: Live Streaming Platform: Youtube Description: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  8. Want us to add some tools to our list? Feel free to Create a New Topic in this topic thread if you do not see a live streaming tool you use and wish it to be added to the forum. EXAMPLE: TITLE: Adobe Premier LINK: https://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html Description of Live Streaming tool: Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for social sharing, TV, and film. Creative tools, integration with other apps and services, and the power of Adobe Sensei help you craft footage into polished films and videos.
  9. Welcome to the new M1GC. 

  10. We are a community of mature gamers who value character, honor, and professionalism More Members We are one of the newest active teams in online gaming. We are diverse and open, with members from all across the world in multiple games.
  11. Welcome to the new M1GC, This site / thread will contain all site news, changes, updates for the M1GC website. As you may have seen we have pruned all users / members from our previous site, but retained some of our posts.. We recommend our previous members to rejoin the webite... All are welcome to join the site if your a gamer or a viewer... We got alot in store for the crew so stay tuned as the site will be updated frequently...
  12. [M1GC] WarPath – [NYC] Noob Friendly [ENG] – M1-Gaming Crew Were proud to announce we now have a Dedicated Arma 3 Server! Thanks to the awesome work by MuRdeRoNYoBloCk, We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in Arma 3 Feel free to join and have fun. The server will remain public, and can be used for our M1GC members crew practicing with public players. Please note: There may be random players, If you experience any issue, Please be sure to contact us asap so we may initiate any kicks or bans to avoid future discrepancies... Check the [M1GC] Arma 3 Dedicated
  13. Unfortunately, The NGINX module nginx-rtmp-module doesn’t support RTMPS “out-of-the-box”. The nginx-rtmp-module also doesn't support pushing to an rtmps:// address... and i don't think the feature will be added in recent releases as it is simple to achieve this... A easy way to incorporate RTMPS into this module is by using stunnel, a popular “application used to provide a universal TLS/SSL tunneling service”. How to Secure rtmps push / rtmps stream to Facebook I'll assume you have some pre-installed version of Nginx installed with the RTMP-Module & ffmpeg (optional) U
  14. What is Docker? Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up an application with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and ship it all out as one package with the full os included so everything configured works right out the box. Getting Started with installing Docker Windows / Mac OSX / Linux WINDOWS AND MAC USERS INSTALL DOCKER: Download & install on Windows or Mac FOR LINUX USERS: INSTALL DOCKER ON UBUNTU / DEBIAN apt
  15. Creating Your own Private RTMP server for streaming Your Private RTMP Streaming Server NGINX/FFMPEG-based Media Streaming Server Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS x64 Based OS with NGINX LATEST w RTMP SUPPORT / FFMPEG LATEST RTMP/HLS/MPEG-DASH live streaming RTMP Video on demand FLV/MP4, playing from local filesystem or HTTP Stream relay support for distributed streaming: push & pull models Recording streams in multiple FLVs H264/AAC support Online transcoding with FFmpeg HTTP callbacks (publish/play/record/update etc) Running external pro
  16. Updated Command List F1 - PHONE F2 -INVENTORY F3 - ANIMATIONS F3 - Policebuddy F6 - JOB MENU F7 - INVOICE MENU F10 - PLAYER MENU DEL KEY - Cloth 'n' Prop MENU HOME KEY - TAXI MENU /engine - engine on/off Q - EMERGENCY LIGHTS Alt - sirens /mdt - Police CAD U - LOCK/ UNLOCK CAR B - Point /twt - TWITTER /trev - FOR ANON /lamar - FOR ANON /ad - FOR TAXI ADVERTS /driver - SWITCH CAR SEATS /hood - POP HOOD OF CAR /trunk - POP TRUNK OF CAR /getout if stuck in trunk /puton - put on and tak
  17. Were proud to announce we now have a GTA5 Dedicated Server! Thanks to the awesome work by M1, We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in GTAV FiveM cfx.re/join/2g4r79
  18. Default Controls For Police Lighting system These may be wrong, especially for the controller section. (Keyboard) Q - Up 1 light stage LCTRL + Q - Down 1 Light Stage 1, 2, 3 - 3 siren tons LCTRL + = - Takedown lights 9 - Up 1 pattern for primary 8 - Up 1 pattern for secondary 7 - Up 1 for traffic adviser LCTRL + 9 - Down 1 pattern for primary LCTRL + 8 - Down 1 pattern for secondary LCTRL + 7 - Down 1 for traffic adviser Y - Toggle Warning Lights U - Toggle Secondary Lights L - Toggle Primary Lights
  19. The world of live streaming has seen an ongoing debate about latency reduction. Upon the arrival of the various low-latency streaming solutions, we want to take some time (ironically) to focus at latency a bit closer. While the discussion has revolved primarily around ultra-low latency solutions employing mainly WebRTC and WebSocket technologies, the “traditional” HTTP-based streaming protocols are still used predominantly for live streaming use cases without any interactive (chat, betting etc.) or real-time elements (video calls). This article discusses what latency is, where and why it is in
  20. What is Real-Time Messaging Protocol and how does it work? The Real-Time Messaging Protocol or RTMP was originally developed by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe as a low latency TCP based protocol which is able to effectively deliver audio, video and data. Due to the decline of Flash in recent years, RTMP use has also decreased in popularity as newer protocols such as HLS or DASH have become more widely used (along with RTSP) for low latency streaming. The main difference between the RTMP and the HLS protocols is that during the streaming process an act
  21. REQUIREMENTS for LINUX GLIBC 2.17 or higher Install GLIBC UBUNTU sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev First of all this guide assumes you've got a Linux Distribution installed with 64 bit architecture. Most hosting companies will run 64bit so not to worry. Other than that, this guide needs no linux experience whatsoever and will be in completely "for dummies" mode. PROTIP: The linux terminal autocompletes with TAB. So if you have a file or folder called "testfolder" you can write "test" and press tab and it will autofill to testfolder! A suggested software
  22. REQUIREMENTS for WINDOWS Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 vc_redist.x64.exe Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 vc_redist.x64.exe DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) WINDOWS 1. Download SteamCmd and extract to your preferred directory. 2. Open SteamCmd or create a file called "update server.bat" with the following contents. SET STEAMCMD="C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe" %STEAMCMD% +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\servers\squad_server" +app_update 403240 validate 3. Run the .bat file to install the server files. When the i
  23. Were proud to announce we now have a Dedicated Arma 3 Server! Thanks to the awesome work by MuRdeRoNYoBloCk , We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in Arma 3 Please note: Server name does change frequently.. GAME MODE DETAILS: The area has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all the major cities of the area. Experience a massive CTI campaign with up to 200 different capture-able settlements across the entire area Cooper
  24. Instructions (Windows o/s) The easiest way to install a Arma 3 Server on windows is by installing steam, and Selecting tools in Steam. Then download the Arms 3 Dedicated Server which will download and setup all the above files listed below... You will still need to cinfigure the Arma 3 Server so once installed, Check the Instructions below. Manual Configuring The following instructions will guide you through setting up one Arma 3 server on 1 box, however they will also set the foundations for installing multiple servers on that same box Install the latest version of Dir
  25. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto in M1GC. . Grand Theft Auto was launched as a supported game in order to expand the opportunities provided to members and gamers that hang around M1GC as well to provide a sucker free FiveM server, one of M1GC’s key qualities. The basic idea of FiveM is to introduce a modded multiplayer experience for those who play Grand Theft Auto V, the newest game in the GTA series. M1GC has decided to take the challenge of opening a roleplay server where players can live a normal life, whether it be collecting a paycheck, buying a car, robbing banks, or even saving lives a

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