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  2. Thanks to the awesome work by MuRdeRoNYoBloCk, We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in GTA5 This means we will be able to start running custom events. We are going to be running some tests & adding some cars, jobs, and maps & mods to start a RP Server but the server is ready to for the public & testers. Looking for leaders to join as Police, EMS, Drug Lords, Delivery Drivers, Tow Truck Drivers, Custom Cars, Characters, Features, Menu's, Jobs, Items, Weapons… GTAV on PC w Legit Copies Only! Download FiveM: https://fivem.net Join our M1GC GTAV Server: http://bit.ly/2WC0eix
  3. [M1GC] WarPath - [NYC] Noob Friendly Liberation [ENG] - M1-Gaming Crew Were proud to announce we now have a Dedicated Arma 3 Server! Thanks to the awesome work by MuRdeRoNYoBloCk, We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in Arma 3... Please note: Server name does change frequently.. You can Join our Arma 3 Server via the same page or by using our direct ip/port: Check the [M1GC] Arma 3 Dedicated Server stats & mods we use here You can also check the [M1GC] Arma 3 Dedicated Server stats & mods we use here. Join our Arma 3 Discord Chat / Voice Channel https://discord.m1-gamingz.com Join our Arma 3 Teamspeak Server If you experience any issue, Please be sure to contact us asap so we may initiate any kicks or bans to avoid future discrepancies. Be sure to use the Arma 3 Steam Workshop for easy mod downloading and installation. Enjoy!
  4. Multi-clanning and Discord Rules Rules and Guidelines Multi-claning Discord Speak rules and etiquette. Your Discord name should ALWAYS match your forum name. When playing any M1GC supported games, members MUST be on Discord regardless of what server they are currently playing on. Removal from M1GC will follow with two or three infractions of this rule. If asked about it, remain calm and either apologize or explain the situation. Do not be rude to whomever is inquiring. When you first join any channel, please wait 5/10 seconds before talking to ensure you're not talking over anyone. Especially if you're entering a squad room. Talking over other members should not be happening, rather than shouting over one another please respect your fellow club members. If you're going AFK for over 5 minutes, Going AFK in any of the Squad rooms will automatically move you to the AFK Channel. Please remember to always follow COC within Discord, especially #12 - No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. Push to talk Keys are required for x3 or more voice connected users. no auto voice activating mic's. Do not invite members from other clans into clubs or into our Discord to avoid cheating. Player names All members must keep their Discord name to match their forum name exactly. In-Game names must be similar to their Forum Name so we can identify people. Discord Rule - M1GC is a vocal community, we use Discord as the main line of communication. It is required that you be in Discord if you are playing any game that M1GC supports as a club. Once on that page scroll down to the different forums, they will always be up to date. You may also check Discord out for current list of all games we play and support in the future. What does support mean you ask? Simple, it means we have a club for this particular game, which entails forums and Discord channels. All members participating in that game are expected to wear M1GC tags and be registered with whatever guilds or clans that we have in that game. Regardless of whether they are in a different club from that game or not. Loyalty to M1GC means that you help out with the games that we play in. M1GC has separate clubs for separate games, but we are all part of one clan. Unsupported means we play up in the top lobby with other's from all other divisions, more of a side game than anything. Members are not expected to wear tags for these games or be in Discord for them. They may also join a different clan or guild for unsupported games. Also, we enforce a Push-to-Talk rule in most clubs as a common courtesy. With Voice Activation unwanted sounds such as sneezing, kids, or dogs barking comes through Discord, but with Push-to-Talk we can avoid that.
  5. The M1-Gaming Crew Code of Conduct is the face of our clan. Not only is it a guideline for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of gamers we are, and who we're looking for. [M1GC] is an honor clan first. All members agree to the Code of Conduct upon being accepted into the clan, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully and preserve the respected image of the clan. Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in removal from M1-Gaming Crew 1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner 2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible 3. Project a positive image of yourself and the [M1GC] clan to others 4. Put the needs of the clan first, above personal goals 5. Support other members of [M1GC] 6. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s) 7. Remind other [M1GC] members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private 8. Promote fellowship within the game community 9. Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members 10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship 11. Maintain [M1GC] loyalty 12. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.
  6. [M1GC] has been present in multiple games since 2000 but created [M1GC] in 2012. What are M1GC Clubs? M1GC has separate clubs for separate games, but we are all part of one clan. M1-Gaming Crew's Private clubs are hidden from the public eye. M1-Gaming Crew members will only see public / open clubs by default until a club owner invited you into a club. Use the recruitment section for the game to get invited into a club. Invites for clubs will be sent to members of a specific game upon submitting a membership application via the games recruitment section. All members upon acceptance will be required to join the games main game club which will display / link all of our members of that game in the main club. All M1-Gaming Crew members can create there own individual clubs, but again must have enough players for your club to be approved. Our clubs are a group of Squad / Team Leaders & Members who are teams for a Specific Game. Example of our our open / private clubs: [M1GC] Arma 3 Crew - has 10 Members who play as a team - Recruiting! - Private [M1GC] Arma 3 Bones for Breakfast - has 5 Members who play as a team - Recruiting! - open [M1GC] Arma 3 Death Squad - Has 10 Members - recruiting... private [M1GC] PUBG - has 2 members - Plays duos but is not recruiting... private [M1GC] PUBG - Sniper Squad - has 2 members - Plays duos is Recruiting for Squads! private. Games we play can have multiple clubs with different members in each club but all members must join the games main club created by M1-Gaming Crew's Site Admin's... Each game we support will have x1 main club created by a M1-Gaming Crew Admin for all M1GC members of that game. Example: These Clubs are examples of private and hidden main clubs created by M1-Gaming Crew members which is hidden from the public view. M1-Gaming Crew members can create events, news, downloads, forums and much more for there club for any specific game. Open Clubs are visible to everyone. If your game is not listed, Request it & it will be created. M1-Gaming Crew members must have at least x2 players or more to create there own individual club. No cross clubbing is allowed.. You must leave a club to join a new club of the same game. Loyalty to M1GC means that you help out with the games that we play in for the main clubs if needed. About the M1GC Club's Games we have or plan to play? Here's the list of of all clubs we have and used to have: Not all clubs are listed. Listed in Bold are Active Club's Or Clubs we may be working on Creating. Age of Empires III Americas Army: Operations ARK: Survival Evolved Arma3 DayZ Armored Warfare Battlefield2142 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield 2/3/4 Battlefront BlackDesert Online Brink Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Black Ops Counter Strike: Source Darkfall Day of Defeat: Source DC Universe Defiance Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Enemy Territory: Quake Wars EvE Online Everquest 2 FireFall Fortnite Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Ghost Recon: Phantoms Global Agenda Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2 Grand Theft Auto: V GunZ H1Z1 Joint Operations Typhoon Rising Mass Effect: Andromeda Mech Warrior Online Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Tier Nascar Neverwinter Overwatch PlanetSide 1/2 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Project Cars Red Faction Secton 8 - Predjudice Skyforge Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Star Wars The Old Republic Star Wars Jedi Knight 2/3/MBII Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Galaxies SWAT 3 Team Fortress 2 VietCong WarCraft III WarFrame WarRock WarZ (Infestation) WH40K: Eternal Crusade World of Tanks World of Warcraft Warframe War Thunder The Repopulation Titanfall 2 Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Wildlands Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy The Division This list may be updated from time to time Any M1-Gaming Crew member can Request a Game / Club be Added to our Club Roster? Use the Request Section.