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[M1GC] Crew / Club Specific rules and Guidelines

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[M1GC] Crew / Club Specific rules and Guidelines


Fun is what we are all here to have whilst playing games.

  • We should all aim to get along with each other.
  • From time to time things may not go as you want, please refrain from over expressing yourself.
  • Baiting or upsetting other members will not be tolerated.

Respect is the key foundation of this clan.

  • Respect must be shown to fellow members, the general public, other clans and communities.
  • Members must follow all given rules at all times this includes not abusing any membership perks or admin privileges.
  • Abuse will not be tolerated in any form as it has no place in [M1GC].
  • Although swearing will be heard in our voice comm's, we do not need to see it written anywhere.
  • Do not use any crass or socially unacceptable language or pictures.

Cheating we will take as the most serious of all charges.

  • Any member that has an active ban from BE, VAC, PB etc. will be removed from the clan.
  • Any member caught cheating will be banned and reported to all relevant parties.
  • Using any in-game glitches to your advantage will be classed as cheating. So if you know them, don't use them.

If you suspect any player of cheating:

  • Inform a Senior Admin.
  • They will then determine the outcome.
  • Do not attempt to engage in a slagging contest with the player via in-game messages or voice comm's.
  • Remember that in order for our servers to be filled, we need the participation of public players, so fair play is important on our part.
  • Our rules also apply to members who play on other Clan servers, if we are provided with proof of an offense committed on another server we will serve you with a permanent ban.

Voice Comms 

  • When you are playing on a server, [M1GC] members must be on our discord voice program if on PC. Not being on our voice program will get you kicked from the game server by the Admin.
  • You should ideally be in the channel for the server that you are playing on, with a few exceptions:
  • Other channels should only be used for specific things like training and even then it should be a sub-channel under the correct server channel.
  • There may be other cases when you are playing, but cannot make noise at home, a broken microphone and either a message after your name or use of the AFK channel will be accepted.
  • Being in the Bar if you want to chat (or create a sub-channel).
  • Meeting channels should not be used whilst gaming.
  • We are a mature crew and expect our members to act accordingly, thus swearing is permitted. However, remember to respect the other members in the same channel and do not overindulge in these activities. Refer to the rules on fun.
  • Push to Talk is enforced when members cannot control themselves.


  • Keep yourself up to date with the forums, as all clan information will be posted there.
  • To aid with above rule, all members must visit the forums at least once a month, this is to ensure that you are still with us.
  • Members who have not visited the forums in a 30-day period will be placed in the MIA section of the roster and will lose their member forum and voice program rights. A further 30-day period and they will be removed from the Crew. This is to ensure that we have an up to date Roster and genuine number of Crew members.


  • It is a requirement to have your username/display name on all our official channels to be the same, this includes our forums, roster, TS3 & Discord. It also extends to the name you use on our servers, so can include your Steam name.
  • This is to make admin of our users correct and when possible automated.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to script restrictions with our SQL databases, we will not allow any non-standardized English alphabet characters in your username, this includes special characters and accents above letters. Numeric numbers 0 > 9 will be accepted. We are sorry about this but we are limited to the available regional settings of the database.

Donations to [M1GC] are completely voluntary.
Donations are only used to cover the costs of running our website and servers.
To encourage donations whenever possible 'perks' are offered to members who donate.


  • We expect all [M1GC] members to play fair and in a good manner at all times.
  • Each game we host will have its own specific game rules (So make sure you are up to date with them). What applies to the public players also applies to [M1GC] members, with no exceptions, although we may have some additional rules for members.
  • Members must not use the in-game message tool to abuse others, vent their frustration or accuse anyone of cheating (see rules on cheating). This behavior will result in a kick or ban.
  • If a server is full and you would like to join that game, ask an Admin and they will try to create a slot for you when they have time. For games with reserved slots if you donate, this will not be required.

Server Rules

  • All [M1GC] members must follow the server rules.
  • Any [M1GC] members found to be breaking the server rules will be dealt with accordingly.

Server Admins

  • All full [M1GC] Admin members will have access to the Server Admin forums and thus will have admin rights on all [M1GC] gaming servers.  These forums may be listed on in our Gaming Clubs. This excludes recruits until they have passed their recruitment period.
  • Dependent on server/game, admin rights may be split into different categories. [M1GC] members of a rank between (Private | Pvt) and (Corporal | Cpl) will have basic rights, while members ranked (Sergeant | Sgt and above) will have senior admin rights.
  • Command Staff have access to the server control panel in order to start/stop/update the game servers.
  • Command Staff have access to the server banned player lists.

Reserved Slots

Dependent on server, reserved slots (or auto-join) will be made available to any member who has donated funds greater than $5 USD in the past 3 months.

Clans Hierarchy



PLEASE NOTE: Our Clans Hierarchy is subject to changes and may be representing our old Clan Hierarchy until updated.

Issue Resolution

  • Any problems that do come along, of which there will be a few,  firstly try and resolve the issue on a one to one basis.
  • Don’t post on forums in the first instance.
  • If this is unsuccessful, speak to the next person in the chain of command.
  • If the issue is with your next level in the chain of command, go to the next level.


  • If you are going to be away on holiday or an extended work deployment for more than 2 weeks, please inform a Admin and post in the 'LOA' forum (ensure that you use the correct posting format). If this is for more than 1 month, they will then place you in the Away on Leave section of this roster and will prevent you from being placed in the LOA section.
  • If you do find yourself in the LOA section (normally after forgetting to inform someone), please contact a admin and they will assist you in gaining your access back.

Leaving M1GC

  • If you have decided the time to leave [M1GC] has come for whatever reason then all we can say is, have fun and good luck wherever you may end up and we will be sorry to see you leave. All we ask is that you let us know you are leaving and that you leave amicably.
  • Remember to post your resignation in the 'Leaving M1GC' forum section so that all know you have left so any admin and other rights can be removed.

Things not to do when leaving:

  • Post anything defamatory as all it will do is be removed and your account will be deactivated without hesitation.
  • Don't abuse your admin rights on the servers by banning people or trying to break the servers.
  • Try to recruit members into a new/different crew.

Breaking any of the above rules will automatically end up with you being permanently banned from the Forums, Servers and Discord. If you leave amicably and you let us know that you are creating a new clan then we will temporary ban you for 30 days just to protect ourselves from similar issues that we have had in the past with sour members leaving. We would prefer to have everyone leave amicably and not end up with bad blood.

Rejoining M1GC

If you have decided to rejoin [M1GC] then if you left on good terms it is a simple process of posting in the 'Information About M1GC' forum section and one of the CS will set you back up.

M1GC Crew / Club Specific rules and Guidelines

Clan Tags

  • Whilst playing on the [M1GC] servers, all members must wear their tags. If you don't wear them, do not complain when you are kicked.
  • We expect each member to be proud to wear the [M1GC] tags and associate themselves with us, thus whilst playing on other servers we would like to see you wear them, although this is not compulsory.
  • If you are seen using tags other than [M1GC] tags, you will be deemed as having left the clan and be removed.

Member Activity

  • All members are expected to take part in the Crew. This means playing in matches together, being in Discord and taking part in the forums.
  • The bare minimum of requirements would be to do your absolutely best to be active every 1-2 weeks on the forums and Discord.
  • If you are inactive for 4 weeks or more you will be flagged for removal and message on the forums or Discord.
  • Depending on your response or no response you will be removed for inactivity. At 45 days of inactivity you will be removed for inactivity.


If you are seen wearing a tag other than [M1GC], you will be removed from the crew.
This does not mean that you cannot play with another group/organization/clan/community, it just means that you cannot be a part of the two communities (wear their tags) to prevent any conflict of interest.

Actions M1GC members should NEVER do!

  •     Do NOT go into a match, planning on Rage quitting or quitting in general.
  •     Do NOT go into a match to make other people rage quit (Including M1GC).
  •     Do NOT troll the players in matches or any other way shape or form!
  •     Do NOT feed a flame troll or any troll for that matter!
  •     Do NOT be disrespectful in game chat. You can speak up for yourself, just keep it classy.
  •     Do NOT purposefully Team-kill anyone. If you accidentally frag/shoot someone, make sure you apologize. Never do it on purpose during an actual game.
  •     Do NOT Team-kill or Loot any M1GC members!
  •     Do NOT Use any kind of hacking programs or exploit glitches in any way.

Infractions of any of these rules may result in rank demotion and/or removal from M1GC.

Please do your best to heed these rules and then we can all just get back to having fun.

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M1GC Crew Specific rules and Guidelines

The M1-Gaming Crew's Code of Conduct is the face of our clan. Not only is it a guideline for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of gamers we are, and who we're looking for.

All members agree to the Code of Conduct upon being accepted into the clan, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully and preserve the respected image of the clan.

Violation of the Code of Conduct can result in removal from M1GC.

Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner:

Do not accuse other players/clans of hacking or tell them they suck. Do not talk trash when winning or losing. Do not TK on purpose. If you hate it being done to you, don't do it to others.

Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible:

Never be too busy to help another member with an issue they have. Don't condemn others for not knowing what you know. If you know how to fix a problem, do not tell them to go find someone else because you don't want to be bothered.

Project a positive image of yourself and the M1GC clan to others:

Similar to #1. Don't call people hackers. Don't say "you suck". Don't freak out about not being backed up by your squad members or team. People judge an entire group based on the actions of what ONE person does. If you are being obnoxious, those pubs assume all of M1GC is obnoxious.

Put the needs of the clan first, above personal goals:

If we need people for practice, or to help start a server, or help with a special task, stop playing and come help us. If we need help figure something out for vehicle maneuvering or unusual uses for game equipment, stop playing and help us. M1GC benefits from everyone being a part of what we do here.

Support members of M1GC:

If someone isn't up to par with a kit or weapon you know very well. Help them. Don't just let them continue to get slaughtered. Extend any knowledge of anything you are aware of to your fellow members. That helps ALL of us when it comes time to back each other up on the battlefield.

Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s):

If someone is annoying you or you don't agree with what someone did or how they are acting, let them know. They can't correct things if they don't know what they are doing wrong. Do not yell at them in a Discord or TS room full of other people. Be tactful and respectful. Ask them to join another channel / use Discord or Teamspeak's private chat function to inform that person of what is going on and how to possibly fix it. If the situation escalates into something that it shouldn't, SIGN OFF of Discord or Teamspeak. Take a breather. Don't let something stupid get 2 members kicked from M1GC. WORK IT OUT PEACEFULLY.

Remind other M1GC members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private:

If this needs to be explained after previous rules, you probably don't belong in M1GC.

Promote fellowship within the game community:

Be respectful to pubs and offer assistance. If you notice someone that doesn't know how to use a weapon or similar piece of equipment, HELP THEM OUT. Don't just write them off as idiots. Today's PUG is tomorrow's full member. Without them, we limit ourselves. Help them and they will flock to us. Which in turn helps M1GC grow.

Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members:

If you need this rule to be explained, you don't belong in M1GC.

Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship:

Don't bitch about snipers not helping you win. Don't call people hackers. Don't tell the medics they suck because they aren't reviving. Simply say GG, tell someone they did a good job, or don't say anything at all.

Maintain M1GC loyalty:

Don't talk smack behind our back. If you are not happy in M1GC, let us know. Don't stay here if its not where you belong.

No jokes or comments about a members religion, accent, skin color, or sexual preferences.:

It is never okay to comment or joke about a members race, religion, or sexual preference. This goes for Teamspeak chat or comments and also forum posts. Please remember that M1GC is a large community consisting of all sorts of people.

No violations of the GAMES TOS is permitted by any clan member on any server authorized by ANY GAME.: This includes, but not limited to, glitching, stat padding, taking turns killing/reviving, arming and disarming COMS, etc. This rule especially applies to using login credentials to allow another member to use your account for any reason.

This applies in ALL servers, across all games that M1GC supports whether our or Servers we play on.

Actions M1GC members should NEVER do:

  •     Do NOT go into the server to make other people rage quit.
  •     Do NOT troll the players on our server or any other in any way, shape or form.
  •     Do NOT feed a flame troll.
  •     Do NOT be disrespectful in game chat. You can speak up for yourself, just keep it classy. Engage flamers with witty and clever responses.
  •     Do NOT purposefully TK anyone. Jumping out of moving vehicles and letting them smack into team mates, jumping out of choppers you are piloting, etc etc...

Smurfing: (Described as playing multiple Names) members are not allowed to smurf. You may have multiple accounts, but you must let us know about them. Clan tags are to be worn on all smurf accounts.

Behavior: No political, religious, or racial discussions. Be respectful to ALL.
Whining and Complaining: Do not whine and complain about the game that we are playing. It takes the mood in Teamspeak down and is counter intuitive to what we are all here for. Play the game that we are given, not the one that you want it to be. Work around the limitations that are thrown at you and you will become a better player. Constant whining in the Teamspeak channels will not be tolerated.

Member Activity: All members are expected to take part in the Crew. This means playing in the servers, being in TS and taking part in the forums. This is the bare minimum that a member must do to keep their membership. M1GC does not collect membership fee's, it does not tell anyone how their game should be played or how good they should be at it. All that is required is participation. M1GC does not want members for the sake of having members. People who merely want to wear the tags for the tags sake will not be here for long.

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