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[M1GC] LOA Procedure

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How and when to make a Leave Of Absence

Anyone can put in for an LOA at any time.

Leave's of Absence are for members who are going to be away from the clan for three weeks or more.

  • It is a good idea to put in for an LOA rather than just going MIA.
  • We do periodic removals of members who are showing no signs of activity in the forums, Discord and in game. Not Necessarily in that order.
  • Members who do not put in an LOA and get caught up in the removals are of course removed from the clubs.

You are welcome to come back whenever you are able to, but will start out as recruits again and will be required to put in a new application if you had any position in our crew.

Reason's for valid LOA's are as follows:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Traveling
  • School
  • Family

Other reasons will be considered on a case by case basis, but these are the main ones.

All LOA's must have an end day. Open ended LOA's are not accepted.

Unacceptable reasons for an LOA include:

  • "I'm bored of this game, I'll be back when the update comes out."
  • "I'm joining another clan, but I want to stay with M1GC just in case things don't work out."
  • "M1GC doesn't have any games supported that I want to play."

OTHER unacceptable LOA's will be made apparent to members as they arise.

Members who allow their LOA's to run out and then fail to show up in Discord or in the forums will be removed at the next round of inactivity removals.

LOA's that expire will be marked as such and will be deleted when you are removed for inactivity.

How to make an LOA request:

Read the rules for posting above.

Head over to the LOD - Division Structure of your game

Reply to the thread and make a new post in this format: "LOA - Forum Name {ED: LOA End Date}"

Date LOA ends should be like as follows: {EX: DD Month YYYY} or {Month YYYY}. Example: {22nd February 2017} OR {End of February 2017}

Put the reason for the LOA in the post and Post your profile link.

After you have made your request, one of the officers will either accept or deny your request

That LOA will be added to the division structure.

Example shown below

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