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[M1GC] Discord Rules and Guidelines

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Multi-clanning and Discord Rules Rules and Guidelines

Multi-claning Discord Speak rules and etiquette.

  • Your Discord name should ALWAYS match your forum name.
  • When playing any M1GC supported games, members MUST be on Discord regardless of what server they are currently playing on.
  • Removal from M1GC will follow with two or three infractions of this rule. If asked about it, remain calm and either apologize or explain the situation. Do not be rude to whomever is inquiring.
  • When you first join any channel, please wait 5/10 seconds before talking to ensure you're not talking over anyone. Especially if you're entering a squad room.
  • Talking over other members should not be happening, rather than shouting over one another please respect your fellow club members.
  • If you're going AFK for over 5 minutes, Going AFK in any of the Squad rooms will automatically move you to the AFK Channel.
  • Please remember to always follow COC within Discord, especially #12 - No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences.
  • Push to talk Keys are required for x3 or more voice connected users. no auto voice activating mic's.
  • Do not invite members from other clans into clubs or into our Discord to avoid cheating. 

Player names

All members must keep their Discord name to match their forum name exactly.
In-Game names must be similar to their Forum Name so we can identify people.

Discord Rule - M1GC is a vocal community, we use Discord as the main line of communication. It is required that you be in Discord if you are playing any game that M1GC supports as a club.

Once on that page scroll down to the different forums, they will always be up to date.
You may also check Discord out for current list of all games we play and support in the future. 

What does support mean you ask? Simple, it means we have a club for this particular game, which entails forums and Discord channels. All members participating in that game are expected to wear M1GC tags and be registered with whatever guilds or clans that we have in that game. Regardless of whether they are in a different club from that game or not. Loyalty to M1GC means that you help out with the games that we play in. M1GC has separate clubs for separate games, but we are all part of one clan.

Unsupported means we play up in the top lobby with other's from all other divisions, more of a side game than anything. Members are not expected to wear tags for these games or be in Discord for them. They may also join a different clan or guild for unsupported games.

Also, we enforce a Push-to-Talk rule in most clubs as a common courtesy. With Voice Activation unwanted sounds such as sneezing, kids, or dogs barking comes through Discord, but with Push-to-Talk we can avoid that.

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