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We are a community of mature gamers who value character, honor, and professionalism.

We are one of the newest active teams in online gaming.

We accept players of all skill levels and help members grow at their own pace.

M1GC Crew Leader

MuRdeRoNYoBloCk A.K.A  M1

MuRdeRoNYoBlock is just a Gametag i use, Most call me M1.

A lil about the creation of M1GC / M1-Gaming Crew!
M1 Created M1GC for PC/Console members to team up and battle on competitive gaming online.

I usually game and stream online solo, so i figured i'd create a crew, with a bunch of gamers who normally game solo, to come together as one big team for numerous gaming titles to destroy the team competition.
Meet some cool gaming friends in the process.. 
By doing so, i tried numerous web hosting providers to host my websites, who at 1st, used to be ok until my site started getting popular, then limiting my site from being able to handle a lot of members without increasing the cost.
I decided to do my research and came to the conclusion that i would host my own servers, services, and began purchasing & building my own network of servers, routers, awhile creating M1-Serverz Domains and Web Hosting. 

About M1-Serverz Domains and Web Hosting
This website (M1GC), all services, domains, bandwidth, dedicated ip addresses, dedicated servers, dns servers, mail servers, web servers, files servers, ftp servers, vpn servers, database servers, streaming servers, gaming servers, social networking pages, discord servers, and more services are all created, configured, managed, funded & powered by M1.

The Pros:

  • I have Full ownership of all hardware and software
  • Full control of hardware and software configuration
  • Full Use of my own data centre IT infrastructure and security
  • More bandwidth than is achievable in an office environment or shared web hosting account
  • Lower risk of website downtime or network vulnerabilities


  • Initial investment of servers & hardware can be costly
  • Monthly bandwidth for servers can be costly
  • Monthly investment of dedicated ip's can be costly
  • I am in charge of updates, upgrades, and maintenance
  • I have to provide 24/7 updates, upgrades, maintenance, and technical assistance

A note from M1
I would rather run on our own M1GC services without limitations typical providers require to achieve more flexibility.
Although M1 does fund the services provided, it is costly, M1 may take donations from contributes to increase the websites functionality, servers, domains, live streams, and overall services provided but is not a mandatory requirement for using our public services provided.
About M1GC
We are one of the newest active teams in online gaming.

We are diverse and open, with members from all across the world in multiple games.

We are organized and stable, with opportunities for both competitive and casual players.

► TWITCH | → https://goo.gl/aSwjcF ←

                          ► FACEBOOK GAMING | → http://bit.ly/3q0Kmom ←

    ► TWITTER | → https://goo.gl/9Hcyuw ←

          ► Steam Group | → https://goo.gl/D6WiPH ← 


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    We accept players of all skill levels and help members grow at their own pace.

    We are respectful, determined, and proud to be M1GC members..

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