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How to install M1GC 5M


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How to download the M1GC 5M server files

Easiest way is get your Fivem server up and running is using a VPS,
VPS Should contain a  Windows Server 2019 or Above OS, with at lease 4 CPU Cores, 4GB ram.
We recommend using M1-Serverz VPS or any other VPS provider you may wish to use.

Once you have a Windows Server 2019 or 2022 VPS and have remotely logged-in

Download FiveM Server w TXAdmin

Go to the Windows server build listing ('artifacts' listing, as in 'build artifacts').
Download the latest recommended build.

  1. pic
  2. Open the server.zip you just downloaded.
  3. Extract it somewhere you want to store it.
  4. We'll pick C:\GTAV-Server\server.
  5. Open the folder you just extracted it to.
    It should look a little like this:

To start the server

  1. Double click FXServer.exe.
    A command prompt will open with your PIN if it is will be Automatically Filled.

    This site below should open in your browser automatically as well.
  2. Make sure a PIN is filled, and click Link Account.
  3. Log in to your account on Cfx.re in this tab and then click Yes, Allow.
  4. Set a password to log in to your server's admin page.
  5. Click 'Next'.
  6. Type a name for your server and click 'Next'.
  8. Download M1GC FiveM Base files and Extract it to c:\txData

Select to use a 'Local Server Data'.

point the server config to the server config on c:\txData

That's it. Before you run the server, Lets setup your database.

Download our database file.

You will need a myqsl database to run your FiveM Server.

We recommend using MariaDB Server for Windows Server 2019 or 2022.
We recommend MariaDB Server 10.9.3 the latest stable release.
Download and Run the MariaDB MSI Installer.
Click Next Install MariaDB Server


Uncheck all except UTF8

Database security properties
Select to use UTF8 and as default servers character set.
Then Select Next


Select to install as a service & Enable Networking. (Do Not Change Service Name)
Click Next

You are now ready to install MariaDB Server

Click install to complete the installation of MariaDB Server.
That's it, You all finished.

You can also use XAMPP but we do not recommend it as it is not meant for production.
To connect to your Database, Download and install 

To connect:
Host: localhost
username: root
password : leave blank

Import your M1GC 5M Database .sql file.

Now you can start your server by using the defaul.bat file that was created.

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