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vMenu Basic controls

  • F1 - Open vMenu
  •  Backspace - Exit vMenu

FIVEPD Basic controls

  • F11 - Open duty menu
  •  Y - Accept callout and backup request
  •  Z - Open callout menu
  • G - Open dispatch and scene management menu
  • X - Open ped check menu (Also includes mimic etc during traffic stops)
  • X - Set waypoint to the closest jail drop off point (only in vehicle if there is an arrest ped in the vehicle)
  • Press and hold E (for about 2 secs) - Stop ped
  • Press and hold E + aim (for about 2 secs) - Stop ped
  • E - Stand close to a vehicle with a cuffed ped
  • LSHIFT + E - Stand close to the trunk of a vehicle to take out the spike strips then press it again to lay them down. You can pick them up by pressing it again if you’re standing on them. If you go beyond 100m from them they will disappear automatically
  • U - Put ped into jail. Only if you’re in a jail drop-off marker with an arrested ped
  • J - Open the ID card panel, after you took a ped’s driving license


Vehicle controls

  • B - Open MDT. Driver can only access it if the vehicle is stopped. The passenger can access it anytime.
  • LSHIFT - Blip the vehicle in front of you. To initiate the traffic stop turn on your lights. To cancel a traffic stop or a chase press and hold it for 3 seconds
  • F9 - Toggle ALPR (Automated License Plate Readers)
  • X - Open traffic stop positioning menu. Go to marker controls: move around marker with arrow keys, then press enter. (More info in the Notes section)
  • LCTRL - Enable/disable cruise control. You need to enable the cruise control in the duty menu, before you can use it
    • NUM+ - increase speed
    • NUM- - decrease speed


Chat commands

These are available for everybody:

  • /fdv - Delete the closest vehicle to you or the one you’re sitting in. It’ll delete the vehicle, all peds inside it and their blips if they have
  • /fdp - Delete the closest ped to you
  • /fdo - Delete the closest object to you.

Note that it’ll only delete those objects that can be spawned with FivePD!

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