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    • Were still experiencing issues. We may have to start from scratch, but certain mods are acting crazy with esx framework. we are going to try setting up with esx, and also with vRP if we cant get esx to work.
    • We decided to use ESX, as setting up vRP was giving us too many issues ... We are currently reinstalling ESX and installing mods from scratch with new versions of FiveM!
    • Were running some test with vRP. We think it may be a better framework to use for our GTAV Server. We are currently running our server using the ESX framework.. Will keep you guys posted... M1
    • Default Controls For Police Lighting system These may be wrong, especially for the controller section. (Keyboard) Q - Up 1 light stage LCTRL + Q - Down 1 Light Stage 1, 2, 3 - 3 siren tons LCTRL + = - Takedown lights 9 - Up 1 pattern for primary 8 - Up 1 pattern for secondary 7 - Up 1 for traffic adviser LCTRL + 9 - Down 1 pattern for primary LCTRL + 8 - Down 1 pattern for secondary LCTRL + 7 - Down 1 for traffic adviser Y - Toggle Warning Lights U - Toggle Secondary Lights L - Toggle Primary Lights LCTRL + P - Toggle panel (Controller) B - Up 1 stage A + B - Down 1 Stage DPAD Down - Siren Tone 1 DPAD Left - Siren Tone 2 DPAD Up - Siren Tone 3 LS - Horn A + DPAD Right - Takedowns A + LS - Enable/Disable Dual Siren A + DPAD Down - Dual Siren 1 A + DPAD Left- Dual Siren 2 A + DPAD Up - Dual Siren 3
    • Police Interaction Controls: Keybindings: Default Modifier : Ctrl Interaction Menu : Modifier + U Traffic Stop Menu (Mimic/Follow) : Modifier + Y Traffic Stop Menu (Interactions) : Modifier + E Callout Interaction Menu : Modifier + Y Make the suspect comply : E (while aiming) Pullover : Shift Commands: Handcuff (alternative) - /handcuff Mimic (alt) - /mimic Follow (alt) - /follow Callouts debugging menu - /callouts Callout initiation - /callout <callout>: