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    • Please do not spam the board with links. You will be immediately banned
    • Setting Controller in pairing mode Joy Con / Switch Pro Hold down the sync button until the controller LEDs enter a back n’ forth pattern. DualShock / DualSense Hold at the same time the PS + Share buttons until the lightbar starts flashing in a heartbeat pattern. Sony DualShock 4 USB Wireless adapter The official adapter from Sony supports only 1 controller, but allows the headphone jack to be used wireless for both audio and mic. To pair a DualShock 4 to it, both must be set to pairing mode. For the Wireless Adapter, its main body must be slightly pressed towards the USB port (until a “click” is felt) then hold it down in this position for 3 seconds, with its LED flashing in a heartbeat pattern indicating that it’s in pairing mode. Set then DualShock 4 into pairing mode (check the previous section) and it it should connect to the adapter. Final Checks Assuming everything is working as expected then DS4Windows should have no trouble detecting your controller, just make sure you haven’t accidentally stopped DS4Windows (in case you have, just press DS4Windows’ start button) If for whatever reason DS4Windows is failing to detect your controller or you are not sure if it has been properly connected, check the Controller Detection troubleshoot page.
    • (DS4Windows), creates a virtual controller (Xbox360) & our original controller (PS4 / wireless controller / etc) sends the input to the virtual one which the games can recognize as a controller than can be used. The problem on certain games, usually co-op, split screen games, where more than 1 player is allowed to play on the same system, connecting a controller will show/display x2 controllers for 1 player.  When using a controller with DS4Windows, it's highly recommended that the REAL controller is hidden from everything on the system besides DS4Windows itself, in order for only DS4Windows' VIRTUAL controller to remain visible to games. This is necessary to prevent the Double Input Issue. To fix the double input issue, ds4windows has a prebuilt in program called hidhide, which when you setup ds4windows, you may have installed it, If you haven't, You can install it, by clicking Setting's in DS4Windows, Followed by clicking Controller/Driver Setup to install HidHide. With HidHide it is possible to deny a specific application access to one or more human interface devices, effectively hiding a device from the application. In layman's HidHide, allows you hide your original controller (PS4/DS4), and only displays the virtual one (Xbox360/Dualshock4). In DS4Windows, Open HidHide Configuration Client in DS4Windows NOTE: If HidHide link does not open via DS4Windows, Try using alternative methods below. Method: 1 Open HidHide via Windows Search: Type: HidHide Configuration Client Method 2: Manually visiting HidHide installation folder. Default HidHide installation folder:  C:\Program Files\Nefarius Software Solutions e.U Open the HidHideClient.exe to open the HidHideClient Configuration Client. HidHide Configuration Client Lets add DS4Windows application, to allow HidHide to use the Cloak. Optional: Adding of the DS4Windows Updaters is not needed. NEXT, let's hide our PS4 Controller and only allow our virtual one. We added the Sony PS4 controller to hidhide, Now in game, The virtual controller will only display. DS4Controller / Wireless Controller / Etc is no longer being shown. This will eliminate any issues with double controller and double input issues. Hope this helps out..... M1✌️
    • This reduced my input lag from 3.5 to 0.4 in DS4Windows To begin, were going to overclock our controller. You can overclock your controller using hidusbf Download hidusbf from github Extract the hidusbf folder contents to a folder on your computer. (Ignore / Do not extract hidusbfn) inside the driver folder run the setup.exe to open USB Devices Rate Setup. Select All or USB up top left to find your usb controller. Find your controller in the list, Select it / Highlight it, Then install service, Then Check Filter on Device, Next change to 1000, and Click Restart or Disconnect the controller. Replug the controller to complete. Close USB Devices Rate Setup. That's it, Check your latency on DS4Windows  
    • Like those other DS4 tools, but sexier. DS4Windows is an extract anywhere program that allows you to get the best DualShock 4 experience on your PC. By emulating an Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible. Other input controllers are also supported including the DualSense, Switch Pro, and JoyCon controllers (first party hardware only). This project is a fork of the work of Jays2Kings which Jays2Kings seem's has been abandoned. You can find the old project website at ds4windows.com if it is still available. Downloads Main builds of DS4Windows The .7zip package is smaller but requires the 7zip software in order to open/extract it Extract the package in a easily accessible folder (e.g.: Desktop, Documents, Download etc) DO NOT extract it inside a folder the requires elevated privileges (e.g.: Program Files, Windows) Execute the DS4Windows.exe file to run DS4Windows On first launch DS4Windows may ask you where to save its user data (settings and profiles): AppData folder (recommended): user data is stored outside of the program folder, inside a special folder reserved to your Windows user Program folder: user data is stored inside the same folder DS4Windows.exe is located. Requirements Windows 10 or newer (Thanks Microsoft) Microsoft .NET 5.0 or higher Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable. x64 or x86 ViGEmBus driver (DS4Windows will install it for you) Microsoft 360 Driver (link inside DS4Windows, already installed by Windows if you've used a 360 controller before) Sony DualShock 4 or other supported controller Connection method: Micro USB cable Sony Wireless Adapter Bluetooth 4.0 (via an adapter like this or built in pc). Only use of Microsoft BT stack is supported. CSR BT stack is confirmed to not work with the DS4 even though some CSR adapters work fine using Microsoft BT stack. Toshiba's adapters currently do not work. Disabling 'Enable output data' in the controller profile settings might help with latency issues, but will disable lightbar and rumble support. Disable PlayStation Configuration Support and Xbox Configuration Support options in Steam  

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