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    • Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time… Q.U.B.E is what Portal might have been if it was about different coloured blocks instead of different coloured interdimensional doorways. Both take place in sterile test chambers lined with gleaming white tiles, and both involve solving lots of increasingly clever puzzles so you can eventually make a bid for freedom. The only real difference is that one gives you a giant gun to get the job done, while the other has a super cool pair of gloves. (more…) View the full article
    • Welcome back Battlegrounds Survivors, Last year, the PUBG Mastery Team was formed to create a cohesive progression system in PUBG. We heard players and fans loud and clear when they said they wanted more ways to track their gameplay and the improvements they make as players. In April, we released the first feature under our new progression initiative: Weapon Mastery. We’re thrilled by your warm reception of this initiative and are excited to announce the next segment of our progression system: Survival Mastery, coming to PC test servers tomorrow! What is Survival Mastery?Survival Mastery is a progression feature designed as a companion system to Weapon Mastery. Where Weapon Mastery is all about your proficiency in combat, Survival Mastery focuses on your story as a player. In other words, our goal with this system is to help you recognize your own abilities and reward your success after each match. You get to decide what kind of player you’re going to be. The Survivor Level cap for the first version of Survival Mastery is 500. The first thing you should notice in this system is your Survivor Level. Surviving bluezone phases, performing key actions and, well, just staying alive all play a role in how much XP you’ll earn towards your next Level. The better you perform, the faster you’ll progress. Just like Weapon Mastery, all progress related to Survivor Mastery can be found in the Mastery menu under its own tab. In addition to displaying your level progress in this tab, you can also track your recent playstyle through the trait system. Are you the type to pick up every bit of loot you see or a bit more picky about what goes into your inventory? Traits paint a picture of how you approach 6 different aspects of PUBG and the 3 most prominent of those traits are displayed here. Below is a more detailed breakdown of all trait and style possibilities in Survival Mastery: Introducing PUBG ID With the release of Survival Mastery, we’re also excited to introduce the PUBG ID as a new way to express yourself and your achievements. All the rewards you unlock in Survival Mastery open up new options for customizing your PUBG ID. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things you can unlock for your ID: At launch, you’ll be able to view the IDs of your teammates and the enemies you killed on the last match screen. In the future, we’ll be working to add more sharing functionality and customization to the PUBG ID. We’re eager to hear feedback on what types of things you’d want included on your ID. We’re also adding a couple new tabs to the last match screen to help you better track your progress from match to match. First up is the new summary tab that provides high level information about your progression and performance. If you’re a fan of squads or duos, you will also be able to track survival stats from your teammates as well. Also new in the Last Match screen is the survival timeline. With the survival timeline, we’re giving you a detailed recap of all the survival actions performed in a match. Survival actions include but are not limited to combat, looting and healing. You may also notice many of the survival actions in your timeline are grouped by something called engagements. Engagements in PUBG are a period of time where you experience uninterrupted combat with one or many opponents. In addition to tracking the start and end of an engagement, we’ve also included a summary of the damage given and received over each engagement period. At the end of the match, you’ll be able to see who you killed in each engagement and who took you to the shed*. There’s a lot of info to unpack in the survival timeline beyond what we’ve covered here so be sure to check it out and let us know where we can improve. What Comes Next?With the launch of Survival Mastery and the continued evolution of Weapon Mastery, we have the first key pieces of our overall progression features. We are still actively building the next pillar of our Mastery plans and look forward to sharing more details of that roadmap soon. As always we appreciate the partnership our team has built with the fans and community and look forward to your feedback around our progression endeavors. The Mastery Team’s mission is to celebrate your journey in PUBG by helping you build your own identity while leaving your mark on the Battlegrounds. We’re just getting started, so look forward to more details on new additions soon! Survival Mastery will be available on test servers tomorrow and hitting live servers next week. See you on the Battlegrounds, PUBG Mastery Team *It’s a proverbial shed where you died. View the full article
    • : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
    • In December 2017, a scuffle over a $1.50 (£1.15) bet on a Call of Duty: WWII match ended in a man’s death. As Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill’s little dispute came to a head, Viner recruited veteran swatter Tyler Bariss to swat Gaskill – who had conveniently provided his own address to do so. Gaskill, of course, sent an old address. When police came to investigate Bariss’s false report of a shooting and kidnapping, it wasn’t Gaskill they found but 28-year-old father Andrew Finch. An officer shot Finch, claiming he thought he was reaching for a gun. He died. Bariss was sentenced to 20 years behind bars in March, and now Viner is headed to prison. (more…) View the full article
    • Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: 2K games Release: Out now On: Windows From: Epic Store Price: £50/$60/€60 Twenty hours into Borderlands 3, in the jungle-drowned innards of a crashed starship, Moze finally opened up. Until that point, we only knew she was a war lass with a big mech. During a bit of scripted mission patter about awkward names, however, she revealed she was born Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna, and we thought we were going to learn another precious fact about her. Alas, she continued as far as “but” before she was interrupted. By a vulgar AI in the body of a teddy bear, that honked out “aw crap, more robots,” in a voice like an NYC rapper by way of Peter Griffin. And indeed, there were more robots. We had crossed the invisible line triggering their arrival, and the bear’s exclamation of dismay had to override Moze’s life story. Oh well. (more…) View the full article