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OBS Studio - 1080p60 FPS Streaming


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To stream 1080p60 FPS on OBS Studio will depend on your CPU, GPU and Bandwidth.
If you don't have a strong enough CPU or GPU, try streaming at a lower resolution.

Test Your Internet Connection Speed

For live streaming, we recommend an ideal upload speed of 6Mbps (6000kbps).
This is enough to stream at your desired resolution, including 720p at 30 fps and 1080p at 60fps.
The minimum upload speed for smooth streaming with ok quality is 3Mbps (3000kbps).
You test your upload speed here: https://speedtest.net


You need to get your total audio + video bitrate number to be smaller than your upload speed.
For example, if you choose a video bitrate of 3500 kbps and an audio bitrate of 256 kbps,
your upload speed will need to be at least 3,756kbps. or 3.7mbps
If it’s 3000 kbps / 3mbps or above, you can stream with these settings.
Click to calculate KBPS to MBPS

CONFIGURING OBS STUDIO FOR 1080p60fps Streaming.

Open OBS, and click on ‘Settings’.
There are two ways you can do this—either access the ‘Settings’ option through ‘File’
 or just click on it from the bottom right corner.



Set your output to 1080p60fps,
Note: If you base is above 1080p,
leave it alone and set your output only to 1080p.



For best optimal settings, recommend using

Output Mode: Advanced
Encoder: NVENC / AMD (uses GPU) or x264 (uses CPU)
Rescale Output: Unchecked (Do not rescale output)
Rate Control: CBR - Constant Bitrate
Bitrate: 7500kpbs Between 3000 and 9000 kbps to stream 1080p60 FPS (Below 8000 for twitch)
Keyframe: 2
Preset: Quality or above
Profile: High or Main


Note: Using a high bandwidth may improve your stream quality but will require your viewers to view your stream at the bandwidth you set.
This is why most platforms recommend 3.5mbps to 6mbps as livestreaming platform's report that majority of viewers are from mobile devices when livestreaming.
But sometimes using these low bandwidth's may produce a not to great in quality stream, so chose your bandwidth to your liking without reaching platform limits..
Every pc system is different, such as cpu and gpu's, so you have to tinker with the settings, If you experience lag, frame drops, skips, or pixilation using the settings above.
If you do experience any of those issues, try lowering your preset to low-latency quality, and profile to main first and then retest your stream,
if problem persists, try lowering resolution to 1080p30, retest, rinse and repeat, if continued issues, further lowering resolution to 720p60fps or 720p30fps 
in your obs studios video settings for your stream until you find a sweet spot.

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