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    • M1GC is scheduled for maintenance for a site upgrade today.. Site may be unavailable during this maintenance.
    • When using MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner to view your CPU, GPU, Ram, FPS, etc during your stream,  Riva may cause your obs studio to become blank for certain games. To fix, Open Rivatuner, Set your Application detection level to LOW and turn STEALTH MODE ON Next, Click on Setup and Enable Use Microsoft Detours API Hooking. That's it. You can now use OBS Studio and MSI Afterburner with Rivatuner and no more blank screen.
    • EVGA Precision X is another great, free-to-use software for gamers who want to push their laptops or gaming PCs to the next level. EVGA Precision X lets you create up to 10 custom user profiles for overclocking your NVIDIA GPUs with ease. However, we want to quickly point out that, unlike MSI Afterburner, Precision X does not support AMD GPUs since EVGA doesn't manufacture AMD graphics cards. Download EVGA Precision X
    • MD Ryzen Master is arguably one of the best CPU overclocking programs around. Consider this as AMD's answer to Intel's overclocking tool. Along with CPU overclocking, AMD Ryzen Master comes with pre-tuned settings to overclock your RAM and memory profiles to boost your DDR3 RAM performance. Download: AMD Ryzen Master (Free)
    • This is Intel's overclocking tool for Windows PCs, mainly for use with its own CPUs.  Intel XTU allows you to overclock your CPU, monitor the temperature, and stress test your computer, with a few other special features for Intel CPUs and Intel motherboards. Furthermore, Intel XTU also gives you CPU utilization and temperature readings, which you can use to monitor the overclock's success and whether it is causing any performance issues. Download: Intel XTU (Free)
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